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alec vanderboom3 Comments

I was driving from lunch today when I spotted this cute lady riding her bike around. Right when I saw her I wanted to know her story and I wanted to take photos of her. Of course I didn't have my camera with me so I ran home and grabbed in and then drove around looking for this adorable lady. I found her riding her bike by house so I pulled over and starting chasing her down. Right when I started talking to her I just fell in love with her. What I learned about Donna today.
1. She's 81 and still does bike races.
2. She hates cats and loves dogs (I do too Donna. you go girl)
3. She has 4 kids who love biking as well.
4. She lives 2 minutes away from me.
5. Her bike was given to her years ago and she's still trying to figure out how old it actually is.
6. She road this bike to work for 15 years.
7. We exchanged numbers and we planned a bike ride together for next week.
8. Her and my Pom Pom should meet. They would totally be BFF's.