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sweet little Aspen

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Having nieces and nephews is the greatest blessing.
We watched Aspen for a couple hours last night and she really is the cutest, sweetest  little girl ever.
I'm lucky I married Ryan so I could gain so many cute nieces and nephews (8 to be exact, 2 on the way)
Aspen has so much energy, she's always giggling, dancing, and talking your ear off.
I really hope to have a girl like her one day!
And hopefully we will be able to be half as good of parents that Tyler and Ashley are. 
They really are great examples to us. 
Here's a few from our walk last night.


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Me and my sweet friend Katie went on a little adventure tonight. 
We drove a few miles up the canyon and then just started shooting.
And I just loved how these turned out.
She really is quite the beauty! 
Her hair? Wowza! 
Love you KT!


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Today I fell in love with this guy. And felt myself get a little baby hungry. 
(Which hasn't happened in a looonnnggg time)
Seriously, this sweet baby boy stole my heart today. 
Thanks for letting me snuggle him Irvin & Kim. 
I sure love you guys. 

Then I got to be a part of this beautiful wedding. I haven't laughed that hard at a wedding in a long time.  
Travis & Sandra are a hoot. 
It was also located in one of my favorite places in the world. Freedom, Wyoming.
Beautiful wide open spaces and population 100. (Sami Jo's small town happy place)

I also played in the wind with my baby sister. Those dimples... I die. 

A day full of love, laughter, family time, old friends, new friends, mountain air, and ending with mini reeses that my mom plopped on my computer while I was editing. 
I would say today was pretty perfect. 

baby h

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This little babe is dear to my heart.
My beautiful cousin gave birth to him a week ago today. 
He was seven weeks early and he's such a trooper.
They both are. 
Jenna calls him the rock. Her little rockstar.
I feel so blessed that I got to visit them in the NICU last night and snap a few pictures.
It was so fun to see Jenna and Brady as parents, they have so much LOVE for this little man.
Please keep this beautiful family in your prayers. 

I have the prettiest friends.

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Cassidy is one of my favorite people ever. 
I just love her so much and I'm so lucky to have her as a friend.
I snapped a few pictures of her the other day and oh. my. goodness.
She should be a model. Seriously. 
My camera loves her so much that I'm making her and her hubberz do a shoot with me next week.
Don't worry, I'll put em on here. 
Love you Cass!

Celise Artistry!

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My beautiful friend Tia is just starting up a business called Celise Artistry.
 She styles hair & does make up for engagements shoots, bridals, weddings, prom etc.
We decided to get a couple models together and do a shoot. 
 She does such a good job. These models looked so fab!
Oh how I wish she could come get me ready every morning....
My life would be so much easier.. and so much more glamorous.
Thanks again to our models!
Stay tuned for part 2 of the shoot with our 2nd model. :) 

Hair and make up by: Celise Artistry

the boy.

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The blue eyed boy in these pictures... He's pretty amazing.
He's my manager, accountant, #1 cheerleader, guinea pig, financial planner, and many other things.
And it sure helps that he's easy on the eyes. (Don't worry.. he's my husband so I can say that.)
Well this weekend we received a new addition to our family.
The CANON 5D MARK II! Full Frame heaven. 2012 clients.. get excited!
I'm in LOVE! I shot a wedding with her yesterday but couldn't resist taking her out today for a mini shoot. 
I got some new bio pics and got some super studly ones of Ryan. 
 Thanks for being a good sport honey. I know how badly you hate your picture taken.


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Because Sami Jo Photography has been so busy we decided to raise our prices. See new prices here. Last month I only had two days (Christmas and the day after) where I didn't have a shoot or a wedding. Awesome right?! A big THANK YOU to all of my clients. If you have already booked with me for 2012, I will honor my 2011 pricing. I plan to do at least 6 giveaways this year. So continue to follow my blog for specials and giveaways! I will be posting a Valentine's special tomorrow. So check it out peeps! 2012 is already looking good and busy. I'm excited to show you all the fun stuff! Thanks again! Happy 2012

Sami Jo 

Oh and here's a sneak peek from tonight's shoot.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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December has been my busiest month yet!
It's been great and I feel so lucky to have the year that I have had.
Thanks so much to all my clients.
I just love ya!
I will be putting my computer away for a few days, so see you next week.
Merry Christmas to you and your families. 
We will be having an old fashioned white Christmas in Wyoming this year.
I couldn't' be more thrilled!
I thought I'd share a couple more from this snowy shoot.
Happy Holidays!

ash + ry=baby boy C.. he's almost here!

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Yesterday we did a mini-mini session after church.  (15 minutes) 
And I think we got some really cute shots!
 My best friend and cousin Ashley is one of the cutest pregnant girls I've ever seen.
  I couldn't be more thrilled.
It's been so much fun to watch her belly grow.
I can't wait to meet baby boy and spoil him to death.
Come soon little man! How bout a few days after Christmas? Thanks.
I love you guys so much.
Thanks for letting me take these of you!
(I kinda had to talk them into it) 


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Thankful for all my beautiful clients.
Thankful for winter weddings.
Thankful to be able to say, "I love my job."

Happy Thanksgiving!
I will be taking a break from my computer for the holiday.(But not my camera) 
So see you next week. I will have some goodies to share. 

the designer

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Meet my best friend, sister-in-law, and the designer of my blog. This is Jordan. I feel so lucky to have her in my life. We always joke that she married my brother because we were meant to be sisters. ;) Jodie has been such a support to me in life and with my photography. She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. I'm so grateful for her and I love her so much! She is one of the most creative people I know. I mean isn't my blog layout awesome?  I love it. Follow her blog here and if want to spruce up your blog shoot her an email. Thanks for everything Jodes, I just love ya so gosh dang much!


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I was driving from lunch today when I spotted this cute lady riding her bike around. Right when I saw her I wanted to know her story and I wanted to take photos of her. Of course I didn't have my camera with me so I ran home and grabbed in and then drove around looking for this adorable lady. I found her riding her bike by house so I pulled over and starting chasing her down. Right when I started talking to her I just fell in love with her. What I learned about Donna today.
1. She's 81 and still does bike races.
2. She hates cats and loves dogs (I do too Donna. you go girl)
3. She has 4 kids who love biking as well.
4. She lives 2 minutes away from me.
5. Her bike was given to her years ago and she's still trying to figure out how old it actually is.
6. She road this bike to work for 15 years.
7. We exchanged numbers and we planned a bike ride together for next week.
8. Her and my Pom Pom should meet. They would totally be BFF's. 

my sister the senior.

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I'm not ready for my baby sis to grow up. I  can't believe she will be a senior this year. Megan Marie brightens everyone's day. Look at that smile! And those dimples! She's so talented with the guitar and even writes her own songs. I'm a proud big sister that's for sure. I love you Meg!