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Best of 2018

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Thank you a million times. Forever. And ever. For the support and love. I love this work. I love people and love and connection and I’m so grateful I get to capture it. As always this post is way too long! But I can’t help myself. I shot most of these sessions pregnant with my sweet baby girl! Can you believe I had another baby this year? I’m so lucky. You’ll see my sweet + beautiful children at the end of this post. They keep me going and inspired. I love you River, Golden, and Juniper Sun. I do this work for me. I do this work for you.


olson family

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I am so in love with this family. They are loyal clients and friends and yes it’s very hard focusing during their photos because I’m so distracted by their beauty hahah! I have such a crush on the Dad AND the Mom. Just the cutest family ever. Also… hi Hawaii, I miss you.

the bell family

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My favorite family!!! Probably easiest shoot I've done this year. I pretty much just stood there with my camera why they just played and loved and made magic. They are so dang cute. Oh and guess what? I had a crush on Mandy for a year or so. Tia talked her into booking me for pictures a couple years ago and now she's one of my dearest friends. Guys some dreams really do come true. Hahah! I love how these turned out! Yay!

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I miss having co-workers. :) Before I did photography full time I had lots of jobs!  I was a waitress, I worked at 4-5 treatment centers/group homes, and I had a desk job too! (can you believe that) I loved seeing the same people everyday and hearing and learning so much about their lives. It was so easy to feel so close and connected! It wasn't always unicorns and rainbows because sometimes people are mean and lazy hahaha so working for myself has it's perks! Sometimes I mean and lazy but it's on me to change it hahah! But I do feel so lucky to have so many photographers I've met that are some of my dearest and most beautiful friends. Amber is one of them. She has the most beautiful light and vibe! AND HOLY CRAP SHE'S GORGEOUS! I 100% have a crush on her. She has always treated me so kind and giving me such love. I'm always grateful when people look past my spaziness and flaws and sometimes crazy emotions and still love me. It's the greatest gift. :) I love you Amber! Yesterday was so fun!

check out her work here! She's so freakin talented! 

Make up by Celise Artistry of course! 

swedish fish

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2 year olds are the absolute best. They are free and authentic. And they just all love sugar. haha! We just let her be her and run around and play and eat a crap load of swedish fish and I captured how much she adores her parents and how much they adore her. Family sessions. Man.. they just fill my heart so full. This family is pure sunshine. 


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Constantly inspired by this amazing family. They are such a beautiful part of our community! They own a freakin awesome Photography business and Station Studio in River Heights.. The most inspiring thing they do is parent these amazing children with such love and light. Raising such kind humans to help make this world a better place! I love the Cascio family! 


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It just flowed so well. I pretty much just followed them around as they did their thing and loved on their girl. These images fill my soul and I love the free + wild feel they have. What a beautiful family! 

let them be.

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This family. They interact so beautifully together. This sweet girl showed up not sure about me.. She was quiet and beautiful and studied me for the first bit. And when she realized I wasn't that bad she opened up and was giving us all sorts of smiles and energy. I just love that. Letting kids just be kids until they are ready to open up in front of you. They have a little boy on the way and he is one lucky kid! I loved this session! 


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thank you || 2016 highlights

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My work is one of the most beautiful parts of my life and I'm forever grateful for every moment I get to do this! Thanks for all of you that support my work and to all of those who hire me and trust me to photograph your moments.