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the parrish family || logan utah family photographer

alec vanderboom3 Comments
oh my gosh this family! i love them so much. i've been lucky enough to photograph this wonderful family a few times and they are just magic. they bring such a great energy and chaos and it is a dream for me to photograph. ginger has become such a good friend of mine and i'm so lucky to know her. (you should check out her blog because it's just full of happy and sunshine and it's just so refreshing) 
this shoot turned out so wonderful! enjoy!


ginger + boys || logan utah family photographer

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I feel so lucky to know this family! Ginger is such a warm and beautiful soul and I'm so grateful for her friendship. She's the kind of mom that just embraces that crazy chaos of having 2 young boys in the home.  Her passion for motherhood is SO inspiring. Ginger was asked to partner up with Sonnet James and asked me to come take a few photographs of her and her boys I was so excited.  Every time I take the Parrish family's pictures I just leave so happy and energized. 
Here's a few from that wonderful day! 

logan utah birth story

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Shooting this birth story was such an incredible experience.
Brittany is a photographer herself so I was flattered when she asked me!
She is such a tough girl, she did it all natural and she did amazing.
To all you mama's out there! I look up to you so much!
I wish I could shoot birth stories every day. 

Enjoy! xoxo