Sami Jo Photo

Logan Utah Wedding and Portrait Photographer


alec vanderboom3 Comments
I was lucky enough to have a session with this sweet girl while she was visiting Utah.
She is a dear friend of mine and I'm so proud of her. 
I will let her tell you her story. 
Love you Mel! 

"For years I battled eating disorders, depression, OCD, anxiety and self harm. My battle was long, hard, and left a mark on everyone I know. Avalon Hills Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Utah honestly saved my life. The six months I spent there, were the lowest and highest points in my life. I met life-long friends, “sisters” and a place I call home. I now want to spend my life advocating and speaking out and educating about my experience, and this disease. I have been out of treatment for almost a year and a half (January 1st), and I still struggle every day. But I love myself, and am proud to be maintaining recover! I would never change what I’ve been through because it has made me the strong, vibrant girl I am today! The hummingbird tattoo represents me and my recovery; it was my one year in recovery gift! My dad always referred to my spirit and I as a hummingbird, when I went to treatment, he said that my hummingbird had died; I had completely lost who I was. Now I’m back and whenever I am struggling I can look down and know that I have been through worse, made it through, and am strong enough to do it again. I know I can handle anything life throws at me, and I know that through everything bad there is always something good at the end (even when you don’t think that’s possible)."