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I miss having co-workers. :) Before I did photography full time I had lots of jobs!  I was a waitress, I worked at 4-5 treatment centers/group homes, and I had a desk job too! (can you believe that) I loved seeing the same people everyday and hearing and learning so much about their lives. It was so easy to feel so close and connected! It wasn't always unicorns and rainbows because sometimes people are mean and lazy hahaha so working for myself has it's perks! Sometimes I mean and lazy but it's on me to change it hahah! But I do feel so lucky to have so many photographers I've met that are some of my dearest and most beautiful friends. Amber is one of them. She has the most beautiful light and vibe! AND HOLY CRAP SHE'S GORGEOUS! I 100% have a crush on her. She has always treated me so kind and giving me such love. I'm always grateful when people look past my spaziness and flaws and sometimes crazy emotions and still love me. It's the greatest gift. :) I love you Amber! Yesterday was so fun!

check out her work here! She's so freakin talented! 

Make up by Celise Artistry of course!